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My book: Atlantis in the Bible


I have discovered Atlantis in the Bible. Atlantis seems to be more a theological than an archeological issue. The foundation of this theology is based on principles of mirorring and tsaphon. Why was Atlantis “harp” shaped? How does Atlantis fit in Daniel 7:19;23 & Revelation 17-18? Who or what is the real Queen of all the world seas in Revelation 17-18?


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Sonicchrist * Belch Journal * Goedbericht * MartinZender 

* Concordante Publicaties  * HOGG * Bijbelsdenken * UR 

* Martine Grainey Comments * Keith Laney * Holger Isenberg

Dejah Thoris * Mars Revelations * Morgan Curve 

Valiant Thor, Antichrist?

Who is the Cydonia Viking?
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Girl dancing with owls, Gale Crater

Girl dancing with owls, Gale Crater

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