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Atlantis in the Bible

My book: Atlantis in the Bible

Plato was a False Prophet, who had invented the false doctrine of the Trinity that had invaded christianity. His Trinity was: 1. the first cause, 2. the Logos (reason) and 3. the spirit of the universe (the soul). His idol was Academos who was a serpentlike creature and most likely the Python Spirit in Acts 16:16. This Python Sprit had invented the Trinity and brought it into Plato. So, indeed, Plato was demonic possessed. We should be careful when we examine what Atlantis was. If Plato’s Trinity was a false representation of the One God of the Bible, then Atlantis should be a false representation of Revelation 17-18. How did Plato know? Thanks to his idol Academos – which Atlantis researcher had paid attention to this creature – who to my opinion was the Python Spirit in Acts 16.

Leon Elshout


I have discovered Atlantis in the Bible. Atlantis seems to be more a theological than an archeological issue. The foundation of this theology is based on principles of mirorring and tsaphon. Why was Atlantis “harp” shaped? How does Atlantis fit in Daniel 7:19;23 & Revelation 17-18? Who or what is the real Queen of all the world seas in Revelation 17-18?

Atlantis lijkt eerder een theologisch dan een archeologisch principe en een omgekeerde volgorde van Eindtijd Babylon in Openbaring 17-18. Waar de Bijbel onze aion afsluit met Eindtijd Babylon daar begint Plato’s verhaal op dezelfde manier met een eiland Atlantis. Als we in de spiegel kijken zit ons rechteroor links. Wat nu als Eindtijd Babylon ook gespiegeld was in zowel tijd als plaats en vanaf de Eufraat naar de Atlantische Oceaan verplaatst was? En dan ook nog terug in de tijd? Alleen een slim wezen als de Python Geest in Handelingen 16 kon vermomd als Plato’s afgod Academos, Plato zo’n verhaal influisteren. 

Below: Atlantis is Babylon as the sunrise dimension of Tsafon while Plato’s Atlantis was the sunset dimension in the west. 

ATLANTIS AS DAVID’S HARP, Psalm 49:4; Revelation 18:22

credit: Creative Commons Wikipedia

Sea of Galilee:

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Shame on you BBC, bad Atlantis podcast

Atlantis is not the first historical fiction, but anti-Semitism in which Zeus dethrones the God of the Bible and in which Israel, the eons and the resurrection of Jesus are completely absent. Not a word about the eonian times, the role of idol Academos, the demonic bloodlines of the ten kings. If Atlantis is an anti-imperialist story, how can it be without Jesus’ work of redemption? End-time Babylon can only be destroyed because Jesus rose from the dead. And Poseidon did not marry Cleito. Both were demons and not humans. Goodbye “Professors”. Listen here,


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